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Thy Law Do I Love

The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119. That chapter is all about God’s Word. In one section, David expressed his love for God’s Word and related how that love affected his life. We can glean much from his lesson. Having a proper attitude toward the Word of God will truly make a difference in your Christian life.

In verse 161 David explained how his “awe” for God’s Word helped him through his trials. Loving God’s Word does not mean we won’t have problems, but it will help us respond to those problems properly. Our focus will be on the LORD and eternity, rather than on ourselves.

In verse 162 David rejoiced at God’s Word. The more we love the Word of God, the more natural rejoicing will be for us.

In verse 163 he explained how his love for God’s Word led to a hatred for sin, which is something we all need more of.

In verse 164 his love for God’s Word led to constant praise. Just think how different your life would be if you praised the Lord “seven times a day!”

Verse 165 promises “great peace” to those that love His Word. The world is looking for peace, but looking in the wrong places. God promises a “peace that passeth all understanding” to His children, but that peace is connected to our love for His Word.

Not only is peace promised, but verse 165 also says that those who love God’s Word will not be offended. Offenses cause so much damage to lives and churches, and could be avoided if God’s people would love God’s Word as He desires them to.

The passage concludes by showing that as David loved God’s Word, he was led to “obey” God’s Word. As we love His Word, we better understand that we are accountable to God and are more likely to live a life of obedience to His commands.

This passage only gives us a sampling of the great benefits to a Christian of loving God’s Word.

By the way, love is action, not feeling, so a love for the Word of God will be demonstrated in how much time we spend reading, studying, meditating in, and memorizing God’s Holy Word!