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Christian Music According to the Bible

Why study this: Rom 16:17-18; I Cor 5:6,9; Eph 5:11; II Tim 3:5

You must decide that the Bible is your authority, and not what “feels good” or what you “enjoy”, otherwise just like the charismatics who put experience above the Bible.

I. The Power of Music
A. Music is spiritual, I Sam 16:23; II Ki 3:15; Gal 5:17
– a believer will desire “spiritual” music as he is led by the Holy Spirit, associated with the filling of the Spirit,
Eph 5:18-19
– music can also be associated with the worship of false gods, Dan 3:4-15
– Music can refresh, I Sam 16:23

B. Music is a universal language, and it unifies, Dan 3:4-15, “all peoples, nations, languages”

C. Satan is a musical being, Is 14:11, viols; Ez 28:13, tabrets and pipes
– if the “angel of light” can use music in his work, he will, even so-called “Christian” music

II. Biblical Purpose of Christian Music
A. Music closely associated with the worship of God, II Cor 29:25-30
– glory of God came during the music, II Chr 5:12-14
– it is to be “unto the Lord”, praise, Ps 95:1; 96:2
– not praise for the performer
– to accompany Christian rejoicing, I Ki 1:39-40

B. For teaching/admonishing Christians, Col 3:16-17; Ps 137:1-4

– Not for evangelism (no Scriptural basis), or not for entertainment
– see goals of CCM performers
– not even Paul and Silas, Acts 16:25-31 (keeper was asleep)
– evangelism is from preaching, Rom 10:14; I Cor 1:21; Tit 1:3
– CCM implies that it can reach those not interested in Bible/preaching; but only the Holy Spirit through the Word can penetrate unregenerate hearts, I Pet 1:23
– the “rock” crowd needs reached with the same old-fashioned gospel that has always reached people
– where are all the decisions from these concerts, Mt 12:33; II Cor 5:17

III. Biblical Precepts for Christian Music
A. To be performed by Christians, Col 3:16-17

B. It must be doctrinally correct, Ps 119:54; II Tim 4:2-3
– most CCM lyrics I, you, etc.
– most CCM concentrates on man’s felt needs like lonliness, emptiness, sadness, etc. The songs invite the hearers to
come to Jesus for joy, peace, etc. The NT addresses itself to man’s real spiritual condition: lost, rebellious, enemy of God on the way to Hell. “Man’s need is not to get turned on but get turned around”.

C. Christians to have a “new” song, Ps 96:1; Is 42:10
– II Cor 5:17, “all” things become new (even the music)
– Ps 40:3, many shall “see” it and “FEAR” the Lord
– the Lord is to be a Christian’s song (stated in each section of the Old Testament), Ex 15:2; Ps 118:14; Is 12:2
– Hebrew word “zimrath” is an instrumental term that applies to the music itself, and this term is only found in these verses

D. Music Principle: we are triune beings, I Thes 5:23
– melody is for the spirit, Eph 5:18-19
– harmony is for the mind (soul) – classical
– rhythm is for the body (can’t dominate); Rom 13:14; Gal 5:17

IV. Spiritual Principles That Also Govern Music
A. “All” must glorify God
– could the music or it’s performance, independent of the words, glorify God? I Cor 10:31; Col 3:17

B. Christians to be different/separate from the world
– Lev 10:10, priests to show a difference between holy and unholy
– Prov 4:14-15, to avoid the “way” of evil men
– Is 5:20, woe pronounced on those that blur the lines
– Ez 22:26, God upset because no difference between holy and profane, unclean and clean
– Rom 12:2, be not conformed to the world (what is the world if CCM obeying this principle?
– II Cor 6:14-17, be separated (Word Records, the biggest distributer of Christian music is owned by ABC)
– I Thes 5:22, abstain from “all” appearances of evil (album covers, long hair, concerts, etc.)
– Jas 1:27, be unspotted from the world
– I Pet 1:14-16, don’t fashion self according to the former lusts, but be holy
– I Jn 2:15-16, love not the world
– otherwise could be a stumblingblock, I Cor 8:9-13
– even God’s songs are not for the world, Ps 137:1-4
– we make ourselves look foolish to the world when we try to be like them, they expect a difference; we cannot be like the world, and “trick” them into getting saved, only the preached gospel will do that
– is the sound heard in home/car/church different than what is heard downtown on Saturday night?

1. But, Rock music is worldly
– CCM hypocrisy: Music is neutral but must use “Rock” music to reach this generation.
– Ex 32:17-18, sound of war = wicked music (worldly music leads to worldly behaviour, ie. nakedness)
– the term “rock and roll” – it’s origin
– what is the sound associated with? (pubs)
– what if someone played a march or old-time hymn in a pub, how long would the crowd stay? Why is that sound
acceptable in the worship of Jehovah?
– worldly music attracts worldly people
2. Country music is worldly

C. The love of money is the root of all evil I Tim 6:10 (CCM is a business); Mt 6:24, “can’t serve God and mammom”
– $20 per cassette, $30 per CD, if a ministry not so much profit (T-Shirts, videos, etc.)
– if the motive was serving God, they would be more faithful to God in the words and the presentation

D. The world hates Christians, Jn 15:19; 17:14; I Jn 3:1,13
– Jn 3:19-21, they hate our music because of what it says, and because it is spiritual, not because they are hard-
– CCM is a friend of the world, Jas 4:4, I Jn 4:5; and seeks the worlds approval, Jn 12:43
– the world loves it’s own